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Community Meetings

In spring 2015, we launched a new meeting concept: community meetings. Instead of us telling you what we think you need to know, we are asking our members to decide meeting topics, facilitate meetings, work together to identify the community's needs, determine meeting times/locations, and share with each other to ensure every community member has what she needs to succeed in her professional life.

From March to June, you have the opportunity to help shape the format and process of these community meetings. Based on your feedback for these launch meetings, we will hone the process and then implement it in four communities: North, West, City, and South/Indiana. As a member, you may attend meetings at any community. We expect most people will want to attend the community meetings either close to work or close to home. As a visitor, you may attend any or all of the launch meetings. Once the communities are established, visitors may attend only three community meetings (combined - in one or all communities) per calendar year unless they join.

We’re exploring new ways to learn and interact with fellow members.   The heart of the community is the discussions between the meeting contributors.  In the launch series, we will capture what is shared in the community meetings and will transfer it to the Website. Our hope is that this encourages follow-up discussions. Additionally, every community will have its own discussion forum. While any member may participate in any discussion forum, these will be closed to visitors.

Make sure you attend the first four meetings to ensure your voice is heard and that you help create a meeting format and process that meets your professional needs. We offer a discount to anyone who registers for the series (all four). 

Organization Events

Chicago ISPI typically holds several face-to-face events each year that vary in length from a few hours to a full day. Locations vary between downtown Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Members from all of our communities and visitors are welcome to attend.  Check out the Events link to see what is planned.

Distance Enrichment

Webinars, conference calls, and other opportunities to interact and learn without leaving your office or home are offered by Chicago ISPI. These provide other ways for you to build community, collaborate, learn, and solve problems.

In keeping with the community of practice meeting model, we want you, our members, to tell us what types of events you want. Let us know if you have a Webinar you'd like to present that fits within our worldview--evidence-based, systems view, systematic approach, about any aspect of performance improvement--please send an email to memberservices@cispi.com. 

If you have a problem you need to solve, reach out to other members of the community for advice and/or assistance using the "Help, I Have a Question" discussion board.  

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