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  • October 16, 2016 12:40 AM
    Message # 4307663
    Ann Battenfield (Administrator)

    Our strength is in the knowledge that we each have and can share. Together we are mighty.

    As a Community, here are some of the ways we can grow and learn together.

    1. One or more member(s) can present about a topic, research, experiences, etc. that other members are interested in learning about.

    2. A member can ask the group for help solving a problem. For example, maybe you have been tasked with doing something that you are not that experienced doing. Our members can share what they have done, help you brainstorm, etc.

    3. One or more member(s) can ask to present something to practice for a presentation to a larger group, such as at a conference.

    4. A meeting could be about learning how to use a specific tool or type of software.

    To that end, I suggest we take a very short survey to learn more about our members and the topics that both interest us and that we have deep knowledge about. I will create one and send it out shortly. I will post the results here.

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