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Call for Proposals: Fall Cracker-barrel

August 18, 2016 10:40 PM | Ann Battenfield (Administrator)

It's that time again!  We skipped one your favorite events in 2015, but are bringing it back due to popular demand. We have created a Google form for our Call. You can fill it out here.

This year's theme is Overcoming Challenges. In our work, we face challenges all the time - unrealistic deadlines, clients who are sure training is the only option, SMEs who don't have time to work with us, decreasing budgets, and many others. Additionally, our organizations face increased challenges that are likely to affect us.

Think about how you have overcome challenges in your work. Share research, share a tool, share your wisdom. And, remember, we are an organization whose members value evidence; we will ask you to share how you know that your presentation adds value.  Thanks for doing that - it's one of the differences that make our organization so special; our members count on us to

If you haven't attended a Cracker-barrel and are interested in presenting, please answer the call! You need a 20 minute presentation that includes a job aid or handout that you will share. You will deliver your presentation 3 times, each time to a new group of attendees. In between presentations, you and the attendees will talk, eat, drink, and enjoy yourselves.

Proposals are due by September 30th. Let the fun begin!

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