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Recruitment for Dissertation Research

August 08, 2016 11:24 AM | Elizabeth Osika (Administrator)

Brent Hoard, a doctoral candidate (Instructional Design & Technology) at Old Dominion University, and Dr. Jill Stefaniak (jstefani@odu.edu) request your participation in a research study that will examine the relationships between specific production and development skills, and the instructional design workflow that you utilize in real ­world projects.

Participation in the study will entail participation in a speak-­aloud session conducted over Skype between the participant and this study's investigators, along with an intake data questionnaire. It is estimated that participating in the study will take approximately 30 ­minutes. 

To indicate your interest in participating, please address an email to Brent Hoard (shoar002@odu.edu) and please include approximate days and times when you might be able to schedule the speak­aloud session. Alternatively, you may also use the following form to indicate your interest in participation rather than respond via email.  http://goo.gl/forms/vTx0XmGFbcIaN1ir2

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