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  • 4-Meeting Series: Community Meetings in March through June

4-Meeting Series: Community Meetings in March through June

  • April 21, 2015
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • DePaul University - O'Hare Campus 8770 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Chicago, IL 60631


  • This registration is for all four meetings in the Launch Series and is open to anyone, member or non-member. If you are unable to attend all four meetings, please sign up for one or more of the individual meetings. Includes dinner and beverage at all four meetings and is discounted. If you want to attend and the cost is preventing you, please contact memberservices@cispi.com. We do not want cost to be prohibitive and will sponsor those in need.

Create the Future

About the Meeting

Do you want to help create and mold the format of Chicago ISPI community meetings for years to come? Are you available on March 25th, April 21st, May 20th, and June 18th from 6 to 9 PM? Then please mark you calender and sign up for the Launch Series. This registration covers all four meetings. 

We will use a community of practice (CoP) format; this allows you greater input and participation, as well as provides an opportunity to engage in new and innovative ways. Our goal is to collaborate with you to create a meeting format that encourages authentic communication, provides all our members with the knowledge they needs, and to identify community volunteers to help us implement this format in four geographical areas in the Chicago area.

Why Your Participation Matters

As a contributor in the Launch Series, you will help us shape the meeting process, identify topics for upcoming meetings, and much more. During and after the meeting, we will ask you for specific feedback to improve the format and processes.

Topic, Attendance and Cost

The April meeting topic is on Appreciative Inquiry. Do you have any experience with Appreciative Inquiry? Do you have any articles, worksheets, or information you would share with the community? Claire Beck will facilitate a discussion-based meeting that allows everyone to share their ideas, ask questions, and learn more about the topic.

Throughout the launch, your input and contributions in each meeting will determine the topic for an upcoming meeting.

If you cannot attend all four meetings, please register for the meetings you can attend.

The cost covers food and beverage for all four meetings. Because you are registering in advance for all four meetings, you save 16% over individual registrations for each meeting. Please contact memberservices@cispi.com if you would like to attend but the cost is out of your budget.
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