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To connect is one of the reasons people participate and contribute to a professional association. At Chicago ISPI, we believe that the connections created here are particularly authentic, rich, and valuable. For years, our members have chosen this organization as their professional home. Why? We believe there are two primary reasons. First, we believe we are the only association to focus on performance improvement and promote and evidence-based practice.  Second, it's because we are a community, not just an association.

Recently, we have expanded on this concept of community. Instead of meetings in one location throughout Chicago, we are creating regional or area communities close to your home and work. The meeting format is based on a community of practice model and it allows you to contribute and collaborate within regional community regularly, all while you build deep and fulfilling relationships. As a community, you and other community contributors decide the focus of the meetings.  You participate in conversations on this Website about ideas, tools, and information that helps you and other members immediately. You and your community determine when and where meetings are held. As a member, you may join one regional community or all of them. As a visitor, you may attend a few meetings to see how you like the community in your area. 

It's difficult to put a value on the networking opportunities, professional stimulation, relationships you will develop, and professional enrichment that come from being associated with some of the top performance improvement, instructional design, organizational development, training, and coaching professionals in the industry.

Whether you are an independent consultant,  a student, work for a Fortune 500 company, or work in any of the many ways available t our members, we hope that you, as many others do, will come to feel that Chicago ISPI your professional home. Whether you consider yourself in training, instructional design, coaching, performance improvement, or any of the other fields that operate under the Performance Improvement umbrella, if you believe in a systematic approach, use evidence-based methods, and in want to be the best at what you do, Chicago ISPI is the place for you.

Note: Membership in Chicago ISPI does not also include membership in ISPI; membership in ISPI does not include membership in a local chapter. ISPI members who want to also be a part of Chicago ISPI are offered a discount membership rate as long as the ISPI membership is maintained.

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