Vision and Mission


The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is the association of choice for performance improvement (PI) practitioners who seek a community of practice. As the premier source of performance improvement information, tools, and professional development opportunities, ISPI and its chapters offer:
  • Opportunities to network with other PI professionals
  • Leading edge news, journals and other periodicals
  • The latest books on performance improvement
  • Access to the top people in the PI arena and their latest work
  • Developmental opportunities: conferences, world-class website resources, local chapter events
  • Professional volunteer activities – committees, holding office, faculty opportunities
  • International contacts and current information on PI activities around the world
  • Multiple venues for presenting your ideas in print and at conferences
  • The Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation
  • Chicago ISPI is an affiliate chapter of ISPI and holds the same mission and vision as ISPI.

ISPI's Vision

Chicago ISPI and its members use evidence-based performance improvement research and practices to effect sustainable, measurable results and add value to stakeholders in the private, public, and social sectors.

ISPI's Mission

Performance improvement practices are recognized globally as an essential part of every organization’s competitive strategy.

At Chicago ISPI, we:

  • Facilitate opportunities for practitioners to network
  • Leverage opportunities in order to develop professional skills
  • Foster diversity and inclusion
  • Promote Chicago ISPI and its potential benefit
  • Operate under the Standards of Performance Improvement and the Code of Ethics of our profession

ISPI's Standards

Chicago ISPI operations is based on the same standards as ISPI's Certified Performance Technologist standards.  The full description of these standards are available online at ISPI's website.   Below is a brief description of the ten standards.

There are 10 standards that competent practitioners follow in the practice of human performance technology. 

first four standards are sometimes called principles because they are fundamental to every standard. Some aspect of each of these standards will be found in every phase of a project.  The first four standards are: 

    • Standard 1: Focus on Results or Outcomes
    • Standard 2: Take a Systemic View 
    • Standard 3: Add Value 
    • Standard 4: Work in Partnership with Clients and Stakeholders 

Competent practitioners follow a systematic process represented by the remaining standards: 

    • Standard 5: Determine Need or Opportunity 
    • Standard 6: Determine Cause 
    • Standard 7: Design Solutions including Implementation and Evaluation 
    • Standard 8: Ensure Solutions’ Conformity and Feasibility 
    • Standard 9: Implement Solutions 
    • Standard 10: Evaluate Results and Impact

ISPI's Guiding Principles

  • Maintain a global mindset
  • Facilitate networking among practitioners
  • Leverage opportunities
  • Foster diversity and inclusion
  • Value stakeholders
  • Operate under the Standards of Performance Technology and the Code of Ethics of our profession
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